Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Books on sale #crime

The first four D.I. Paolo books, Bad Moon Rising, Someday Never Comes, Call it Pretending and Looking for a Reason by Frances di Plino (my crime pen name) are all reduced to only 99p each for the next few days. Great way to get your mitts on a book series without breaking the bank!

Blurb and link for Bad Moon Rising, the first in the series:
One more soul is safe.
Brought up believing sex is the devil’s work, a killer only finds release once he has saved his victims’ souls. Abiding by his vision, he marks them as his. A gift to guide his chosen ones on the rightful path to redemption.
Detective Inspector Paolo Storey is out to stop him, but Paolo has problems of his own. Hunting down the killer as the death toll rises, the lines soon blur between Paolo’s personal and professional lives.

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