Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mistakes Writers Make

A writing tutor colleague of mine, Alex Gazzola, has started a blog called Mistakes Writers Make (and how to put them right), the idea behind which is to encourage new and student writers of non-fiction to view their mistakes as positives to learn from, rather than negatives to fret about. You can find it here at Mistakes Writers Make

The site includes market pages and lots of useful information for non-fiction writers. It’s a blog well worth following, so why not drop in and see what tips he has to offer?


Anonymous said...

Belated thanks for the plug, Lorraine. (Next Mistake: 'Forgetting to punctually thank your writing colleagues for their support'...). Alex

Annette Kerr said...

I've found you through the Writers Bureau. I've just signed up as a WB student today, and I'm very excited to take this bold step closer to becoming a published writer.

I look forward to learning from you throughout my studies and beyond!...