Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Payment Matters

Sean from Liverpool has an identity problem. He asks: I want to enter a competition using a pen name, but how will I get paid if I win or get placed? Do I have to open a bank account in my pen name?

It isn’t necessary to open another bank account. When you enter a competition or submit stories to a magazine, using a pen name, you can request payment under your own name. If you are entering by email or post then state in the covering letter that you are using the pen name of A.N. Other, but that your real name is B.A. Writer. If entering through one of the online systems that don’t deal with pen names (some have a place to enter an alternative name) then when you are notified about your win simply explain that you have entered under a pen name, but would like payment made out to your real name.

I have many entrants to the Flash 500 Competition who submit their stories under a pen name, but also give their real names to use for payment should they win or be placed.


Alison Runham said...

Very useful info. There's so many genres I like - should I ever be lucky enough to turn tiny success into modest success, different pen names could be useful (though Hilary Mantel's not bothered, is she...)
Can't believe there's someone out there with the name of B.A.Writer, though. They must have thought it was destiny, or something.
Not to mention that someone's nicked my pen name, I see...I thought i was the only Alison Nicola Other. :-(

Lorraine Mace said...

Ah, so it was you! Now all I need to find is the real identity of B.A Writer. :)

Seriously, I'm glad the info is useful.