Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ten days to publication

My alter ego, Frances di Plino, has taken over our shared mind and body and forced me to make this post. Bad Moon Rising, her debut novel, will be released by Crooked {Cat} Publishing on Friday March the 9th. She is very excited about this and so am I (the sane and sensible one).

If you’d like to be part of the big event, there is a launch page to which all are welcome.

I’m quite sure she’ll coerce me to make more posts as the countdown continues and I’m going to have to comply as she’s the very, very scary one who writes dark psychological thrillers. I'm the nice one (just don't let my husband know I said that as he might die laughing).

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DW96 said...

Read your column in WM yesterday. That's some means of working out a nom-de-plume :)

I just took the nearest town, (Shaw) and added it to my given name.

Lorraine said...

Now where's the fun in that? :)