Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Eff-di-Pee says cheerio

This will be the last post promoting Bad Moon Rising or mentioning the doings of Frances di Plino. After today, the blog goes back to what it was always intended to be, a place to post information and/or guest posts of use and interest to writers of all levels.

The reason I can be so certain that Eff-di-Pee is making her last appearance here is that she now has a brand new blog all to herself. It is still under construction at present, but will be used to post reviews of crime and thriller novels. The submission guidelines will be going up over the weekend, so if you have a crime or thriller novel you would like reviewed, please go over and have a look next week: http://francesdiplinoreviews.blogspot.com/

She also now has her own twitter account where she’ll be talking crime, thrillers and reviews. She would love some followers: https://twitter.com/#!/FrancesdiPlino

So, as this is the final post for and on behalf of Francesdi Plino, I hope you won’t mind if I mention where you can purchase her dark, psychological thriller.

As Lorraine Mace, I guest posted on the Writers Bureau blog on The Value of Keeping Everything you Write – which ends this post exactly as intended – giving advice and assistance to other writers.

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  1. Fab to see Frances getting her own place. Looking forward to reading her reviews. Always like recommendations for a gripping thriller. Good luck!