Monday, 21 January 2013

Flash 500 competition news

As I'm sure most of you know, I run the Flash 500 flash fiction and humour verse competitions. I've copied the content of a newsletter sent out to subscibers. If you would like to receive the newsletter direct to your inbox, you can subscribe by filling in the form below. Your details will never be passed on to anyone or used for any other purpose than to send the newsletter.
Long lists
The long lists are up for the fourth quarter 2012. You can find the titles of the flash fiction long list here and the titles of the humour verse long list here.
New judges
The flash fiction judge for the first quarter 2013 is an award-winning short story writer and novelist, Annemarie Neary, and our new judge for the humour verse is the poetry editor at Writers' Forum magazine and founder of the Plough Prize, Sarah Willans.

Two years old at the end of this quarter
Although the flash fiction competition is now in its fourth year, we didn't launch the humour verse category until much later. So, it gives me great pleasure to point out that the newcomer to the Flash 500 stable will be two years old at the end of this quarter. Since its inauguration in April 2011, the humour verse section has grown and grown, with the number of entries now almost rivalling that of its big brother, the flash fiction category! It seems there are more budding funny poets out there than there are competitions to enter.
Disqualified entries
I'm going to repeat a paragraph from a previous newsletter: I’ve mentioned the rules in several newsletters and have even put the necessary sections in bold on the websites, but still we receive entries with the entrants’ names on them. We also receive poems of more than thirty lines and stories of more than 500 words. Please, please comply with the rules. It’s heart-breaking to disqualify anyone’s work, but we have to do so in order to be fair to those who keep to the rules.

For all of you who have made the fourth quarter 2012 long lists, congratulations and good luck with the next stage of judging.
If you missed out this time, here’s hoping you make it through to the long lists this year. Both categories are now open for entries. For more information on everything to do with both competitions, visit the websites: Flash 500 Flash Fiction and Flash 500 Humour Verse Competition.

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