Monday, 30 September 2013

A few hours left to enter

Server Down
The Flash 500 server has been down on and off for the last two days. This means many people would not have been able to send in entries.
Some were fortunate enough to get online at a time when the server was up and running, but the email system wasn't working properly and (although we received emails) we were unable to reply.
We have now been promised by the service provider that all issues have been resolved. However, if anyone managed to get through and submit an entry, but hasn't received a thank you email in response to your payment and entry, please let us know so that we can acknowledge receipt.
For those of you who were unable to get through, there are still a few hours left to enter. The Flash Fiction and Humour Verse competitions both close tonight (30th September) at midnight UK time.
Novel Competition
Don't forget the Novel Opening Chapter and Synopsis Competition only closes at the end of October, so you still have a full month to get those entries in.
Full details of all three categories can be found on the Flash 500 Home Page.
Good luck with all your entries.
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Flash 500 Home Page: Flash Fiction, Humour Verse
and Novel Opening Chapter and Synopsis Competitions

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