Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Flash 500 Long Lists and News of Prize Fund Increase

Long Lists 
The long lists are now up for the final quarter of 2013. You can find the titles of the flash fiction long list here and the titles of the humour verse long list here.
An Increase in the Flash Fiction Prize Money for 2014   
As so many of our judges have commented on how difficult it is to decide on the final placings for the top three, we have decided to increase the second and third prize payouts to reflect the high standard of the work reaching those places. 
Starting from the first quarter 2014, the prizes for the flash fiction category will be as follows: First £300, Second £200 and Third £100. This is an overall increase of £150 to the total payout each quarter.
New Entries on Resource Page 
Our page of useful sites for writers has been updated. There are many links listed which could be of benefit, regardless of whether you write prose or poetry. Don't forget to share this page with your writing friends: Writers' Resources
For all of you who have made the fourth quarter 2013 long lists, congratulations and good luck with the next stage of judging.
If you missed out this time, both categories are now open for entries. For more information on everything to do with both competitions, visit the websites: Flash 500 Flash Fiction and Flash 500 Humour Verse Competition.
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