Friday, 13 June 2014

Howling at the moon ...

There are some days that are spookier than others and Friday the thirteenth has always been one of my dreaded days. I’m also a bit freaked out by a full moon and feel on edge those nights when the sky is lit up by a massive white orb.

If you put those two things together and realise that today is the only time between now and 2049 this marriage occurs, you’ll know I might be out there doing battle with werewolves and vampires until the safety of morning arrives.

Which gives me the perfect opportunity to mention my children’s novel, VLAD THE INHALER, which contains vampires, werewolves, witches and hupyres. Vlad received a wonderful review recently from a teacher. The fact that she loves the book is great, but to hear the children in class are fighting over it, is nothing short of amazing.

As the review is quite short, I’ve copied it below.

“Bought this book for my class library and the pupils are fighting over it!
Great book. The children love it!”

I was interviewed by Jeff Gardiner this week. He asked some great questions and I enjoyed having to think hard before answering. He kindly allowed me to post the opening scene from VLAD THE INHALER at the end of the interview.

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