Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tips on Writing for Children - coming soon

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting tips every Friday on writing for children. So, if you are planning to write a children's novel, make sure to bookmark this site and also tell all your writing friends who might be interested. As well as being a creative writing tutor, I am the author of a children's trilogy, the second book of which has just been accepted for publication in 2015.

As many of you know, Vlad the Inhaler is a children’s novel aimed at ages 8 to 12 (middle grade in the USA). It has been garnering some good reviews and it is always particularly pleasing when a site dedicated to children’s and YA literature is able to give a positive thumbs up, as is the case with this review from Book Angel Topia: review of Vlad the Inhaler

“Can’t fly, can’t drink blood, and can’t even breathe half the time. No wonder your parents hid you away.”

Eleven-year-old Vlad is a vegetarian, asthmatic hupyre (half human, half vampire). On the night his parents disappear, his vampire relatives take over his castle. They keep him alive only to find out where the family treasure is hidden.

When Aunt Valentyna catches him eating a peach (his favourite food) and threatens to force him to drink blood, he knows has to escape from captivity, find some courage, and vanquish his evil vampire relatives.

Werewolves and bounty hunters are just two of the perils he faces as he sets out to save not only himself, but also the inhabitants of Malign Village.

Vlad the Inhaler, published by Little Roni Publishers, LLC,  is available online in e-book, paperback and hardback formats. Paperback and hardback copies can be ordered via your local bookshop.

Paperback copies are on sale at The Bookshop, Sabinillas, W.H. Smith in Gibraltar (Casemates Square and the airport branch), Lovereading4kids and Waterstone’s.

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