Monday, 11 August 2014

Flash 500 Winners and a #writetip

Winning Entries
The winning entries in the competitions are now up on the website. To find out who won and who was placed in the flash fiction category, click here. For the results of the humour verse competition, click here.
Congratulations to the winners and runners-up. 
I would also like to extend the heartiest congratulations to everyone who made the long and short lists. As both judges pointed out, the standard is incredibly high, with entries coming in from all over the world.

The two quarterly categories of flash fiction and humour verse are already attracting entries, as is the novel opening chapter and synopsis competition. For more information on everything to do with all three competitions, please visit the website: Flash 500 Home Page.
Hints from the Judges 
No.5 – Checking Your Entry

Judges hate to disqualify entries in any competition, but it is a regrettable fact that we still receive entries which exceed the word or line limit, and/or contain the entrant’s name on the submitted work. In our experience, some disqualified entries would have been in with a good chance of featuring in the long or short lists, or even been prize winners.

All our competitions request that each individual entry is submitted as a separate attachment. Obviously, we do not disqualify entries that submit multiple entries in one attachment, but it does make our task more time consuming.

We would encourage entrants to put their work on one side for a few days before doing a final check. If possible, get a friend to read it through out loud or, if this is not possible, try recording it and listening to the playback. Many faults in word flow and/or lack of clarity can easily be picked up in this way. This might be enough to give you the winning edge.
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Critique Service for Writers
Flash 500 Home Page: Flash Fiction, Humour Verse
and Novel Opening Chapter and Synopsis Competitions

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