Monday, 25 August 2014

Vlad the Inhaler hardback under half price #mgbooks

I don’t know how long this special offer will remain on, but the HARDBACK version of Vlad the Inhaler is on offer at less than half price! It would make a fabulous Christmas present (I know it’s still months away, don’t shoot me) for any child between the ages of eight and twelve (and most adults, too).

Of course, for those with kindles, the e-book version is only £2.22

VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES, AND PEACHES, OH MY! Vampires suck... But Vlad is half-human. Vlad's parents have disappeared, and his evil relatives will stop at nothing to steal his inheritance and eliminate the asthmatic "hupyre" they despise. With two new friends and a heart bursting with courage and determination, Vlad faces perilous adventure and certain death to make things right in the world of Dank Forest. Peppered with gorgeous black-and-white illustrations to bring imaginations to life, join the adventure and bring a peach for Vlad!

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