Friday, 6 March 2015

Flash 500 Humour Verse Announcement

Special Announcement
The humour verse category has, since its inception in 2011, been run by my husband, Derek Mace. Sadly, Derek recently passed away and I have decided to close the humour verse category at the end of this quarter.
This means we are only accepting entries up to and including 31st March 2015, but thereafter the category will no longer be open.
The winning entries will be posted as usual six weeks after the close of this quarter. They will, together with all past winning poems, remain on the website indefinitely as a memorial to a wonderful man who worked so hard to make the humour verse competition a success. 
The flash fiction and novel opening categories remain unchanged.
You can enter this final quarter of the humour verse competition here and enter the flash fiction category here.
For more information on all three of our competition categories, visit the Flash 500 Homepage.
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