Friday, 3 April 2015

No-Calorie Easter Friday Treat from Triskele Books

All packed into one gorgeous box. Seven of our favourite novels, seven different authors, seven journeys through time and place to:

  • Ancient Palmyra, fighting alongside a warrior queen
  • Modern-day Anglesey, trailing a psychopath
  • WWII France, to join la RĂ©sistance, and fall in love with the enemy
  • Coventry, during the 1980s melting-pot of racial tensions
  • Charleville, and the incredible adventures of a lost manuscript
  • Post-apocalyptic Wales, surviving with a rat pack
  • Contemporary Zurich, where everyone has a secret 

A Time & A Place box set contains seven award-winning novels by Triskele Books:

Crimson Shore by Gillian Hamer
Rats by JW Hicks
Behind Closed Doors by JJ Marsh
Wolfsangel by Liza Perrat
Delirium: The Rimbaud Delusion by Barbara Scott-Emmett
The Rise of Zenobia by Jane Dixon-Smith
Ghost Town by Catriona Troth

Officially released Good Friday 3rd April 2015
ORDER now exclusively from Amazon for a limited period.

A box of delights for less than the price of a large Easter egg.

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