Thursday, 18 June 2015

Trace Your Roots with @mvnortham


Today I am thrilled to host my old friend, Maureen Vincent-Northam, who is here to tell us about her excellent genealogy book, Trace your Roots.

Trace your Roots is released as an e-book on 19th June 2015, an exciting day for me. I’ve even been allowed to change my shift day at work so that I can be around on Facebook all day for the launch party. Why not come and join in the fun?
Trace your Roots will be my first book with Crooked Cat Publishing and their first English language non-fiction title. Previously published with another house, this is a completely revised and updated version with a spanking new, and quite quirky, cover image, which I love.

The idea for the book came about several years ago when I was a family history researcher, working for clients worldwide whose ancestors originated from Herefordshire, where I live. There were plenty of good books around on genealogy but far fewer for those who came up against a brick wall, as often happens when researching family history.

Through trial and error I found certain things worked very well for me – a case of thinking outside the box sometimes – and which helped to successfully move the research along, and these are the tips I wanted to share.

Although genealogy is a serious subject, with some people dedicating many years to researching their family tree, I wanted a book that was accessible to everyone. Trace your Roots offers hundreds of tips in an easy to follow way. As well as the serious stuff, I’ve injected a little light-heartedness into Trace your Roots because a hobby should be fun too. I hope this will encourage more people to discover their own roots.

Please join me on my genealogy blog, I’m always happy to post other people’s stories:

Maureen’s wonderful book is available on Amazon worldwide by following this link: Trace your Roots

Author bio
Maureen Vincent-Northam has written seriously ever since Father Christmas left her a Petite typewriter. Author of Trace your Roots, she also wrote the children’s novel, Black Dog’s Treasure, and co-authored The Writer’s ABC Checklist.

An editor with Crooked Cat Publishing, her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, anthologies and online. She has tutored workshops, judged online writing contests and was winner of The Writers’ Advice Centre for Children’s Books competition.

Maureen works part time in a residential home, is rubbish at cooking and, when not burning dinner, can usually be found surrounded by empty chocolate wrappers.

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Maureen said...

Thank you, Lorraine, for hosting me.