Monday, 5 June 2017

Guest post #poetry

Many, many thanks to Lorraine for hosting me as a guest on her blog.

My name is Jenni Wyn Hyatt and I was in my late sixties before I began to write poetry. I used to submit regularly to the Flash 500 Humour Verse competition and was absolutely amazed when the first poem I ever submitted was long-listed. 

After that, I was long or short-listed on several occasions and finally ‘made the big time’ when my poem ‘Poor Old Aitch’ was placed second, shortly before the competition ended. Imagine my awe and sense of achievement when I regularly saw my name listed alongside those of well-known writers of humorous verse!

It was this success, along with the publication of some of my serious poems in magazines for traditional verse such as The Lyric and The Road Not Taken, a Journal of Formal Verse, which made me realise that perhaps I could write poems that people would want to read. 

This led, eventually, to my publishing a small collection of poems through Rowanvale Press, of Cardiff. The collection is entitled Perhaps One Day and contains all the poems I submitted to the Humour Verse Competition plus a number of serious poems. 

My subjects include childhood memories, Wales (my homeland), war, social commentary and nature as well as accounts of my personal life, both poignant and humorous.  

Most of the poems are written using rhyme and metre and some in recognised poetic forms such as the villanelle, sonnet, triolet etc. There are also occasional pieces of free verse. All the poems, however, are clear and are accessible to poets and non-poets alike.

Perhaps One Day is priced at £5.99 and is available from Amazon, also from the website of Rowanvale Books using the following link:

Critique Service for Writers
Flash 500 Home Page: Flash Fiction, Short Story and Novel Opening Chapter and Synopsis Competitions

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