Friday, 30 October 2020

Friday Fiction Feature: Revenge, Secrets & Lies

Revenge, Secrets & Lies by Margaret Macklin is this week's Friday Fiction Feature.

The story has many facets: the all-consuming love between a beautiful socialite and a handsome man from a very different culture. Unexpected love - an abused landlady and a recently divorced policeman who happens, by chance,to walk into her pub. The theme running through the book is one of enduring friendship: two couples whose lives have been ruined by the neighbour from hell - how will they seek revenge?

For over thirty years the Jacksons and the Barbers were liked and admired by their neighbours in Waverley Terrace…

After the arrival of Spike McEwan, (the neighbour from hell) their lives become intolerable – music, full-volume, night after night. The Police and Environmental Health are unable to help – leaving a tempting but rather drastic solution. Can Spike’s disappearance be explained convincingly to his ex-girlfriend, the beautiful socialite, Evie Stockwell?

Whilst visiting Northumberland’s rugged coastline, the friends are charmed by Pat Penrose, vivacious landlady of the ‘Jug of Ale’ public house – however, they take an instant dislike to Pat’s handsome lover, Piers Montague…

Whilst on holiday, the foursome discover ‘The Witch’s Waterfall’ with its tragic, 18th century legend. Does a ghostly apparition exist or is it just a figment of an over-active imagination?

A gripping tale of romance, intrigue and enduring friendship. Fascinating characters and more than a touch of dark humour!

Revenge, Secrets & Lies

Biography of Margaret Macklin 

I started writing five years ago after a serious illness. I found writing to be a wonderful form of distraction and very therapeutic...

After publishing three children's books I wanted to branch out and try something new, perhaps I should add a few murders to my stories!

Revenge, Secrets & Lies demonstrates what can happen to ordinary people when their lives are taken over by 'the neighbour from hell'. A gripping tale of romance, intrigue and enduring friendship. Fascinating characters and more than a touch of dark humour...

My home is surrounded by a very large garden with a small deciduous wood at the top - in the spring it comes alive with wild cherry trees, primroses, bluebells and cyclamen. As you can imagine, the garden keeps me very busy as does my new rescue cat - Evie...

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