Monday, 5 October 2020

Digging Deeper with Tabi Slick

Digging deeper into a Gaslamp Fantasy/Detective Mystery by Tabi Slick: The Detective's Nightmare

A ghost, a circus, and a tin flute…

A slew of impossible disturbances plagues the little town of Halifax, leaving Barnaby Grey with little choice but to call the infamous Private Detective Wilson Davies out of retirement.

Haunted by the events of losing the Beaumont Bros. Circus, Wilson Davies has succumbed to seeing a doctor for a prescription of his latest vice. Instead, the doctor advises the unthinkable. To take a holiday.

But when Wilson receives word from his dear old friend that the circus is back in town and, with it, a terrible murder he finds himself on the first boat to Canada.

Will he be able to catch the circus red-handed once and for all? Or will the killer evade him once again?

Short Passage:

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the antagonist and to avoid spoilers.

“Who are you working with?” Wilson’s hand shook as rage boiled within him. “ANSWER ME!”

“You don’t get it yet, do you?” He clucked his tongue, leaning his head to the side. “Such a pity. But you shall soon enough.”

“What don’t I get?” Wilson prodded.

His arrogant laugh echoed between the buildings. “I don’t work with anyone else because I don’t need to.”

Wilson scoffed. “You can’t expect us to believe that. One person couldn’t have killed Mrs Tilcott’s cat and orchestrated the ducks while simultaneously on a boat far away. That’s absurd.”

“The only thing that’s absurd is you thinking that little gun will do anything to me.”

“I don’t think it will.” Wilson took a step forward. “I know it will now tell me who you’re working with!”

“You know nothing.” His lip curled and her piercing eyes glared back. He didn’t seem one bit fazed by the weapon. “But I want you to know, it will be fun watching you squirm as I rip your head off your skinny little neck!”

With sudden ferocity, he leapt towards them.


Wilson blinked, pulling the trigger before he had a moment to process what was going on. The bullet hit him square in the chest, his mouth gaping as his body froze for mere moments before puffing into a mist of green and flesh-toned smoke.

“Bloody hell!” Barnaby cried, covering his ears with quivering hands.

Wilson couldn’t move, his breath catching when the smoke that had once been the villain churned and spiralled until it morphed into something else entirely.

“Where did he go?” He barely heard Barnaby over the sudden ringing in his ear.

It had to be a ruse. Some sort of smoke and mirror gimmick with a trapped door somewhere.

Q: Who would you choose to play the protagonist and the antagonist in a film or TV series?

A:  For Detective Wilson Davies I would have to pick James McAvoy and for the antagonist Robert Sheehan would definitely be my first choice.

Q: What is the creepiest action taken by your antagonist?

A: Probably one of the creepiest would be pulling out the teeth of his victims as trinkets, collecting them in custom made boxes, before disposing of bodies all over the little town of Halifax.


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