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All about The West End Girls by Elaine Roberts

All about The West End Girls by Elaine Roberts

I like to write about relationships, whether that’s family, friends, colleagues or enemies. I’m definitely a people watcher and relationships fascinate me, I hope that comes through in my writing. While I write historical novels I deal with modern issues that were definitely around in 1914. I don’t want to give too much away but I hope readers of all ages can relate to my characters because some things haven’t changed very much with time.

The West End Girls is a family saga set in 1914 London. It’s the first in my new series about friendship, family and wanting something that goes against what the family had planned for you since the day you were born. It’s the bravery of a young girl who fights to achieve her dream, turning her back on her father, who she adores. Her two friends, who each have their own problems, are by her side encouraging her to follow her dreams. Moving from a farm in a village near Worcester to London brings its own issues and in the beginning my main character, Annie, relies on her friendships for support. However, her innocence and the need to fulfil her dream does mean she inevitably puts her trust in the wrong people and she ignores her friends warnings along the way. Help soon comes from an unexpected source and a new friendship is forged.

In 1914 most women were second class citizens with no say in how their lives were going to be, they were expected to get married, have children and be a good wife. In some cases education was even difficult to come by. World War One changed everything for them, they were suddenly important to keep the country running while the men went off to fight. The First World War was an important turning point in how women were viewed going forward.

My writing is gradually taking on many twists and turns and I hope my readers enjoy it.


Elaine Roberts had a dream to write for a living. She completed her first novel in her twenties and received her first very nice rejection. Life then got in the way until circumstances made her re-evaluate her life, and she picked up her dream again in 2010. She joined a creative writing class, The Write Place, in 2012 and shortly afterwards had her first short story published. She was thrilled when many more followed and started to believe in herself.

As a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Society of Women Writers & Journalists, Elaine attends many conferences, workshops, seminars and wonderful parties. Meeting other writers gives her encouragement, finding most face similar problems.

Elaine and her late husband, Dave, have five children who have flown the nest. Home is in Dartford, Kent and is always busy with their children, grandchildren, grand dogs and cats visiting. Without her wonderful family and supportive friends, she knows the dream would never have been realised.

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