Friday, 6 November 2020

Friday Fiction Feature: Everything is Fine

This week’s Friday Fiction Feature is Everything is Fine by Gillian Harvey

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an influencer? For Jessica Bradley, fitness guru, things aren’t as wonderful as they may seem.

We all like a bit of attention, but when Jessica started blogging about a diet and fitness programme she’d put herself on, it was only so she’d feel accountable and actually shed a few pounds. 

What she didn’t bank on was a celebrity retweet, and the fame and notoriety that followed.

At first, the attention was quite welcome – as someone who runs her own little PR enterprise, the flood of new clients on the back of her improved social media presence boosted her income and put her business on the map.

But after a while, things start to slip. Like many of us, Jessica’s not the sort of person who can stick to a fitness routine long-term. Certainly not a punishing one. Yet her followers expect daily inspiration from their chosen fitness guru – what is she eating? How is she working out? How does she look in her gym gear?

It helps to have boyfriend Dave on board. He’s the epitome of a well-honed gym goer and is happy to be featured regularly on her online feed.

When Dave leaves her unexpectedly one morning, she’s left trying to pick up the pieces.

She’s caught – forced into a lifestyle she doesn’t fully want to embrace, but one doesn’t feel able to let go of either.

Stuck, Jessica tries to keep up appearances – with hilarious results.

The book explores the idea of what it means to live your life on social media – and encourages the reader to reflect on whether it’s possible to be honest online, or whether happiness is better found in the ‘real’ world.

Everything is Fine

Author bio

Gillian Harvey started her career as a high school teacher in the UK. In 2009 she moved to France, where she now lives with her husband and their five children. In 2012, she retrained as a freelance writer and now regularly writes for national publications. ‘Everything is Fine’ is her debut novel.

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