Thursday, 13 May 2021

Bargain offer - don't miss out!

I am delighted to announce that Headline have reduced Say Your Prayers (previously published as Retriever of Souls) for the month of May ONLY to 99p (was £5.99). This offer is also available across most Amazon sites worldwide in the respective currencies.


Detective Inspector Paolo Sterling is urgently called away from court when a young woman's mutilated body is found dumped in a car park.

As the post-mortem begins, he is horrified to discover that the victim was the lead witness who failed to appear in court just days earlier. And, at the same time, a connection to another ongoing case is revealed and, suddenly, DI Sterling realises he is on the hunt for a depraved and senseless serial killer.

Delving further into the investigation, Paolo and his team find themselves embroiled in a terrifying underworld that has unexpected links to Paolo's life. And, when the lines between professional and personal blur, Paolo is forced to confront his worst nightmare. But how far will he go to protect those he loves? And what will he have to sacrifice to do so?


This is the lowest price for the book in the last 30 days, so don't miss out. Buy Now for just 99p!

In addition to the reduction for Say Your Prayers, Headline have also reduced the price of the next two in the series. Rock-a-Bye Baby and Pins and Needles are both on offer at the low price of £2.99 each. You can find out more here.

Happy reading! Please consider dropping a review (or even just a star rating) on Amazon as it really helps with visibility.

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